16800mAh Mini Car Jump Starter

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Car Jump Starter and battery charger for laptops,
mobile phones, cameras, DV, and gaming consoles

Great for the outdoors where running out of battery power
may be an issue, such activities include traveling,
camping, expeditions and more

Three lighting modes: strong light, strobe, Colorful SOS.

Patented technology, light weighted

Multiple safety protection design: With enough 16800mah capacity
Li-polymer battery, support quick charging and low self discharge,
with more than 3000 times of cycle charging and discharging.

Support emergency starting a 12V vehicle, diesel or Gas
Up to 8 Cylinders.

It is great for outdoor lovers and camping.



Brand: RedDot
Real Capacity: 16800mAh
Chemistry: Li-Polymer
Color: Black
Product Input: DC 15V/1A (3.0*2.0mm)
Product Output: DC 12V 16V 19V / 2A 3.5A 3.5A
Peak current: 600A (3s)
Applicable temperature range: 0℃~85℃
Plug: US Standard
Dimension: 168 x 80 x 40 mm
Box Size: about 250 x 200 x 65 mm


Package Content:

1x Power Bank Pack Mini Jump Starter
1 Pair Battery clamps
1x Car charger
1x Notebook adapter cable
8x Notebook adapter connector
1x 1 to 4 Cell phone cable
1x AC Power Charger adapter
1x Cloth bag
1x User manual
Packaged in a strong paper box

Contact us for Pricing.

Kindly Note: Please read the User Manual carefully before using this mini jump starter. Thanks!


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